Crosby CHA

Crosby CHA is a rambling club based in Crosby, Liverpool.

The objects of the club are to provide for the healthy enjoyment of leisure, to encourage love of the open air and to promote a spirit of social friendship according to the traditions of the CHA movement.

Rambles take place every third Sunday and there is usually a mid-week walk on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Socials: Talks etc. are held at the Methodist Church, Moor Lane, Crosby on Wednesday evenings and commence at 8.00 p.m

10 Responses to Crosby CHA

  1. F. says:

    Hello Crosby CHA. I`m wondering if anyone there knows enough about the Law to advise me on this matter. For years my wife and I have walked around a field in Crosby Village. May I refer you to the publication “Ordanance Survey. Street Atlas. Merseyside”. ( commonly refered to as the “The A to Z” – pages 26 & 27). Our walk starts at the 90` bend on the main road through the village, down Dibb Lane, turning right on the path towards Sniggery Wood then turning right again up Ackers Lane. We USED to then walk past a row of houses into Delph Road – turning right to complete our circuit back at the 90` bend. Unfortunately a barbed wire fence has, some months ago, prevented walkers from walking from Ackers Lane into Delph Road. Today my wife and I discovered that a new permanent (chain and padlock) fence has, in addition, been placed to the right at the top of Dibb Lane (the position of this locked gate is shown on the “A to Z” as a thick black line across the road denoting “obstruction to TRAFFIC” (not walkers???????). There is now a new notice claiming that it is “estate land” and there is no right of way.( Before we noticed this NEW sign (for it was obscured by a parked car) we had already done our circuit of the field and, being unable to climb over the fence, we were forced to walk all the way back the way we had already come). My question is – Is there a `right of way` for walkers which is illegally being obstructed over recent months? If you don`t know the answer to this are you able to point me in a direction where I can find out and, if necessary, make a formal complaint. Perhaps you have someone close by who might want to view the situation before making a decision. You may have maps difinatively showing where the public has a right to walk. etc. Many thanks, in anticipation, for any assistance upon this matter. PS – as I`m no expert on the computer I`m not sure if my e-mail address will go with this letter. So here it is

  2. Brendan Murphy says:

    You can report footpath problems to Ramblers’, the organisation to promote walking and defend walkers rights at A team of voluntary footpath officers work to ensure that the rights of walkers are maintained and that we do not lose any of our network of footpaths to illegal obstruction. I don’t know why the URL isn’t a normal ramblers url, but you can also access report a footpath problem via

    Good luck, Brendan

  3. Kate says:

    How do you join?

  4. crosbyman66 says:

    Contact the secretary, Doreen.
    email .

  5. Alan.M.Davies says:

    I would like to know more with regards your Ramblers club…I’m off to Canada a week on Saturday, not back until the 16th of October, I also work at John Lennon Airport, on shift work, I enjoy walking and seeing new things, so would very much like to meet up when the time is right. Alan

  6. Lyndsey says:

    Hi I am also interested in joining, I’m a nurse who also works shift work, this being every Sunday too. What is the age range of walkers who attend, and how do I join, and is there a cost to this?

  7. Marjulo says:

    Contact the secretary, Doreen. Email

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