Holmfirth. Reccee for the ‘A’ party

Virginia McCombe has sent in this report of the reccee for the next ‘A’ party walk at Holmfirth.

On Tuesday 3rd September Les, Alan, Margaret Stopforth and I set off to Holmfirth to do the reccee for my ‘A’ party walk on the 22nd. For those who may not know, Holmfirth is where the BBC TV  programme “The Last of the Summer Wine” was made. You decide which of us should be Compo, which Clegg and which Foggy, I,alas will have to be Norah Batty!

The first part of the walk consists of getting out of Holmfirth to the pretty village of Hepworth. After a steep (but short) uphill climb out of the town, we were on our way. The navigation for this section of the walk, through fields, along lanes and short stretches of road was quite tricky but with the help of Les’s GPS we got to Hepworth without too many mishaps and had our lunch in the churchyard.

The next part is “an undulating walk in one of the greener corners of the South Pennines’ Last of the Summer Wine country. The village of Hepworth ripples across the snout of a hill, high above the tributaries of the River Holme; it escaped any large scale industrialisation and retains immense character. The walk rises to  a hillside with excellent views before charting a return along a sublime wooded valley that echoes to the sound of waterfalls and waterchutes” This is very true but it is also very slippery, muddy and wet in parts as it follows the course of Hepworth Dean Beck, so care is needed.

The final part of the walk consists of finding our way back to Holmfirth, again along fields, lanes and roads. All in all this is an undulating and interesting walk with plenty of variety and some spectacular views, weather permitting. It was permitting when we did the reccee so here’s hoping we get another very enjoyable day.

The only bit of bad news is that there are no free toilets when we get to Holmfirth and no toilets at all on the coach park, so bring 20p if you need a wee!!!

Distance 10 miles.

I have added some of my images and my report of the walk will soon be on www.crosbyman66.wordpress.com

I have also added more images to the Flickr account on the new club website which will soon be up and running.


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