Recce for Pooley Bridge walk.

The Chimney on Loadpot Hill

                                              Panoramic view of the Chimney on Loadpot Hill.

Yesterday Les, Chris and I did the recce for the ‘A’ party walk at Pooley Bridge which we will visit on September 1st

it was not easy to put together a circular walk that was different to what we had done previously, but we headed out from Pooley Bridge following the bridleway towards Helton. It was easy walking but we still had to avoid the wet bits.

At an unfenced road we turned right to follow the tarmac to Scales Farm.The next section crossing Heltondale beck looked complicated on the map but was actually quite simple following the footpath signs. We even saw a signpost pointing to Loadpot Hill our intended destination. We were on our way, however things soon got interesting. Passing through a gate we knew we had to go left but there was no sign of a path. The bracken was shoulder height and I could just about make out Les who was leading.

Emerging from the bracken onto  open moorland we were looking for the bridleway leading to Loadpot Hill but there was no trace. We walked across the  moorland on GPS and compass bearings.

The ‘path’ led to the Col between Loadpot Hill and Wether Hill but we eventually veered off to the right to head directly for the summit of Loadpot Hill. 2201 ft.

Should we now make a diversion to take in Wether Hill which is slightly higher at 2210 ft.

We were undecided whether to do it or not.

We looked at the weather which was getting increasingly murky and decided against it.

As a compromise we walked down to the Chimney. This was the chimney of Lowther House, a former shooting lodge. In the drawing in Wainwright’s book The Far Eastern Fells, it looks quite impressive but the book was written in 1956 and all that remains now is a small pile of stones.

We now headed north along the old Roman Road of High Street before branching off to our left to visit the summit of Arthur’s Pike, 1747 ft. The weather had improved and the views were opening up, plus at last we could see the lake.

It was now downhill all the way back to Pooley Bridge.

Today we did 13.4 miles including one or two diversions, both planned and unplanned. On the day we should be able to get it down to 12 miles.

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