Sunday 9th June 2013.

Barbara McMorran has sent in this report on the Baslow walk.

I am leading the B walk.

A warm sunny day was forecast so I decided on a shortish walk so that we would have plenty of time for stops to relax and enjoy the scenery.

The guidebook says : The magnificent gritstone escarpment stretches along the eastern rim of the Derwent valley providing both exhilarating walking and glorious views.

So we are going to walk Baslow and Cuber edges, two of the finest sections.

After a climb onto the edges we visited the Wellington monument erected in 1866 to commemorate the battle of Waterloo and the Eagle Stone, a large weathered rock which according to legend the young men of Baslow had to climb to prove their prowess before they could get married. Luckily all the men in my party were married so they could pass on that.

We then traversed the edges weaving in and out of the weird shaped rocks, using some imagination to see various creatures they resembled and peering down over the precipitous edge occasionally. The promised views were indeed glorious.

I decided to wander a little further to find a stone circle marked on the map. Stonehenge it is not.

We now descended, first under the edge, watching the climbers, then down through trees and a flower meadow into Froggatt. A lovely stretch with lots of flowers.

Crossing the bridge we followed the riverside path to Newbridge and on to Calver. More flowers and interesting nature notes by the local Primary School.

Another bonus of shorter walks we had time to spare in Calver so some visited the cafe, others the pub and some slept to refresh themselves before the last hours walk by lanes and fields to Baslow.

There was still time at the end to indulge in ice creams, tea and cakes or beer before the coach home.

Fine weather, superb views, flowers, good cafes, ice cream and two pubs. Someone said it was the best walk ever.

Barbara Mc

Images by Alan H.

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