Betwys y Coed

Martin Murphy has sent me this description of the B walk that he is planning to do on Sunday.

Walk 1

The sky was blue, the sun was shining and the toilets were free. We set off in good spirits down the sparkling Afon Lugwy for almost a mile before climbing up through a forest path. Making our way across fields and further forest paths we circled several lakes and lunched with lovely mountain views.Returning via Llanrychwyn, we followed the forest trail past Lyn y Parc and dropped down alongside a babbling stream back into Betwys where we enjoyed a scrumptious Welsh cream tea.

Walk 2

The sky was black, the rain was pouring and the toilets were 20p. We set off in dampened spirits down the flooding Afon Lugwy until we reached the spot where the forest climb was due to begin. Climbing the forest we quickly realised that one forest track looks much like another , to the untrained eye, and we were soon lost. It didn’t help that the reading glasses were left at home , the compass was left in the car and the crucial bit of the map as usual was on the map centrefold, tucked safely but unreadably in its waterproof plastic case. The rain continued to pour in true Welsh fashion, whilst we sought unsuccessfully to find the right path. Eventually we picked up a signed path through the woods which brought us safely back to Betwys, but only having walked 6 of the planned 9 miles. Too wet to go ant further we decided to end our walk and headed for the nearest cafe – closed! At this point the sun came out.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decide which walk description best fitted the reccee we did last week! Mission impossible? Probably not.


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1 Response to Betwys y Coed

  1. Virginia McCombe says:

    Am I being dreadfully pessimistic in choosing Walk 2?

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