Towards the Afon Conwy

On Sunday the club visited Conwy.

The ‘A’ party was led by Les Thompson and covered 10 miles. The walk was the same as I wrote up after the recce, but this time Les got everyone back in daylight with plenty of time for a pint.

The ‘B’ walk was led by Martin Murphy.We start the walk with a toigh little climb out of Conwy before heading south towards the river. On the way we will have some fun at the narrowest kissing gate you’ll ever come across and there is a small prize for the first person who can get through it wearing their rucksack. We then make our way through the ghost town of an empty caravan park before the pretty viewpoint of the Afon Conwy. We drop down to make our way with a little careful road walking past the first licensed pub in Wales. Turning off right here we pass an isolated little chapel before turning north and heading back towards Conwy. Shortly we have a choice of two routes, the one I recced climbs out of the valley and gives some good views. Later we head up the Synchant Pass before turning east and joining the North Wales path on the last leg home. The path takes us across Conwy Mountain 9which really should be called Conwy big hill) wjith good views of the 700 year old castle, before dropping down into the town and returning us to the start.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda.

The ‘C’ party was led by Michael Duffy.

From the coach park we have a short walk past the castle and past the smallest house and onto Bodlondeb Wood. Out of the wood we walk along tarmac to cross the railway bridge and then start the climb up a grass path onto Conwyn Mountain. If it is a clear day we will be able to see The Great Orme across the bay. I don’t intend to take us over the crest of the mountain but skirt around the side.Anyone who feels fit enough can jog up there and see the ruins of Castle Caer or you may just like to look at the artist impression on the notice board. The descent down to Alltwen is on the North Wales path. We cross over the Synchant Pass road to pass a small lake. The last part of the walk is across farm fields, mostly gates, but it may be muddy.We reach the area of Mount Pleasant and follow the road back into town.


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