Chipping. The ‘A’ party walk

We had an excellent winter walk at Chipping. The weather conditions were perfect, a clear blue sky and snow on the hills. On the tops the snow was dry and powdery and a foot deep, drifting to knee height in places. Perfect for skiing, but what about walking. It was fun, most of us slipped on several ooccasions but we all had a good laugh. I was a bit concerned about route finding on Saddle Fell as you could hardly make out the paths. Fortunately when I had done the recce, I had used my GPS and laid down a tracklog. I could then refer to this and make sure that we were on track.

Once we had crossed the fence on the summit I spotted another nset of footprints. It looked like one man and his dog but it could have been Good King Wenceslas. We followed these footprints to the trig point on Fair Snape Fell where we paused for lunch at the wind shelter. We then headed south, up and over Parlick before the steep descent to Fell Foot farm.

We were back in Chipping with plenty of time to get changed and enjoy a pint before heading off to Bashall Eaves for our Christmas meal at the ‘Red Pump’

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