Buxton, The A party

‘A’ walk in the Bleak District.    Leader : Martin Murphy,   10 miles.

To the highest point in Cheshire via the street ( but will the rovers return)

Rather than start off in the middle of Buxton I decided to make this a linear walk. The advantage is that we avoid having to walk out of the town, the disadvantage is that we start in the middle of nowhere with not a toilet in sight (although the bushes are not far away). Dropped off in a layby on the A5004 overlooking Fernilee Reservoir we make our way over the fields down to the bridge between Fernilee and its sister reservoir Errwood. Crossing the bridge we then begin a fairly steep and long climb up a minor road imaginatively called The Street to Pym’s Chair ( he probably needed to sit down by that stage), where we turn south to traverse the ridge that separates Derbyshire from Cheshire. I’m told there are good views from this ridge although on the recce the view was 10 feet in any direction.

We cross the ridge past Cats Tor mainly on artificially laid paving stones to Shining Tor, the highest point in Cheshire at 569 metres, where if the weather is fine and the wind is kind we will find some shelter for lunch. From here we start a long descent down towards the River Goyt, where the autumnal colours in the woods are still a wonderful sight.

Passing through the woods and crossing the river, we start out second climb of the walk, up along Berry Clough, until we reach the top and start to head for home. The path takes us gradually down to Burbage, where from there I’m afraid it is a rather dispiriting walk through the outskirts of Buxton, until we make our way back to the Pavillion Gardens to rendezvous hopefully with the bus (after a well deserved pint or pot of tea)

I hope you enjoy the walk. If we get lost there will be compusory singing of the following chorus until we are rescued:

I’m a rambler, I’m a rambler

From Great Crosby way

I get all my pleasures

The hard moorland way

I may be a wage slave on Mondays

But I am a free man (woman) on Sundays.

(Dedicated to tthe memory of those brave men and women on the 1932 Kinder Trespass who made all this possible)


Virginia McCombe has sent in these images taken on the ‘A’ party walk.

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