Sunday 27th November 2011

On Sunday the club visited Buxton. I do not have the walk descriptions but if the leaders would like to email them to me, I can add them to the website.

Here are my notes and a couple of images from the ‘A’ party.   – Alan


Bright and breezy, that was the weather forecast as I set out for Buxton with my local rambling club. It was bright for most of the day but for “breezy” think gale force winds.

                   Wild walking along Tors ridge heading for Shining Tor.

The coach dropped us off on the A 5004 and we descended steeply to cross the bridge between the Fernilee and Errwood reservoirs. We now had to regain all ,our height climbing up parallel to the minor road known as The Street to gain the ridge at Pym Chair.This point lies at the crossroads of two ancient routes, one of which was a ‘saltway’ which ran from the salt producing areas around Northwich to Chesterfield and Sheffield. We now headed due south along ‘The Tors’ a ridge route passing Cats Tor before reaching Shining Tor. Conditions were very rough with gale force winds. A dry stone wall gave some protection but at times it was difficult to stat upright. A few boggy bits added to the fun. We dropped down from the ridge towards Goyt’s Moss where we encountered more mud.

Once back in Buxton we made our way to the Sun Inn. A traditional pub, no TV, just good beer and a chance to chat. The Marsdon’s Pedigree ABV 4.5% was superb.

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