Keswick. B walk

30th  October 2011.                                                                                          Notes from Alan

I am back in the UK and back up the Lake District. The temperature is a lot cooler but the scenery is just as good. I am in Keswick with my rambling club and have just done the B walk. Why did I chose the B walk when I normally go with the “A” party ?. Well ! Yesterday  my back gave a twinge at the gym, but that is really just an excuse. The B party were to visit Castlerigg Stone Circle and Ashness Bridge, two of the must see sights in the area. It promised to be a good day for photography.

51. Keswick Panorma 1

We walked through the town centre to take the road to Springs Farm and then followed a track through Springs Wood to reach a minor road from where we could visit the stone circle.

05. Castlerigg

                                                                                                                                Castlerigg Stone Circle

Castlerigg Stone Circle dates from the Neolithic Period and is one of the earliest stone circles. There are 38 stones in a circle of 30 metres diameter with an inner rectangle of 10 stones. It is of unknown origin but is thought to be foe ceremonial or religious purpose.

We ate our lunch by the circle and then returned to the road to follow tracks to Walla Crag where we walked on an undulating path with some drops to one side. The weather was improving and there were good views across Derwentwater to Cats Bells and Maiden Moor

52. Panorama from Walla Crag

                                                                                                             Panoramic view from Walla Crag

As we continued across open moor land the sun broke through and there were some dramatic lighting conditions which seemed to change by the minute.

Soon we were at Ashness Bridge where we had a short stop. Time for me to take more photos. We walked down the road and then along the lake shore. On a couple of occasions we had to scramble up rocks as the path was under water. Back at the landing stage there was a last photo opportunity as the light was beginning to fade.

We ended the day in one of the many good pubs in Keswick. A pint of Cumberland Ale. 4.0% ABV. A superb golden coloured ale, brewed with English pale ale malt and using only the finest English aromatic hops. Great to be back home!

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