Castleton ‘C’ party

Castleton – Hollins Cross, circular

Distance 6.5 miles: Height climbed- 250 metres (820ft)

Leader : David Lewis.

This is not an area where you can do a worthwhile walk nwithout going up a hill or two. So that’s what we will be doing today, albeit at a leisurely pace that suits everyone in the group. The paths are well defined throughout.

We will be going out of the village on the westward path that steadily winds its way up past the Speedwell, Treak Cliff and Blue John Caverns. At Treak Cliff we will have our first proper stop for refreshments, as there is a cafe that serves tea and coffee.

At this point the hardest part is over and there is just a gentle climb heading round the back of Mam Tor. We then drop gently down to Hollins Cross. In previous centuries this was the traditional crossing point on foot on the route from Castleton to Edale. Many workers daily walked the route across the ridge in both directions. Also, coffins from Edale were taken over Hollins Cross to Hope church until a church was constructed in Edale, leading to the nickname of the “coffin road” for this route. Proceding along the ridge we can bypass the top of Lose Hill and then descend to the farmland below, completing the last couple of miles on tracks and farm access roads until we reach Castleton village.

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