Castleton, Derbyshire.

On Sunday 14th August the club will visit Castleton in Derbyshire.

Here are details of the A and B party walks.

“A” party. Leader – Virginia McCombe.

We begin with a quiet riverside walk across fields to Hope. We then enjoy a stiff climb to the summit of Lose Hill followed by an exhilarating ridge walk as far as Mam Tor via Hollins Cross, with magnificent views in all directions. From the trig point on Mam Tor we wind our way down through the dramatic valley of Cave Dale and thus back to Castleton, passing the ruins of Peverill Castle. The total height gain is 1538 ft.

Local knowledge recommends the ” Cheshire Cheese” pub and “Rose Cottage” tea rooms for apres ramble refreshments in Castleton.

This is a less strenuous A party walk than of late! By way of contrast.


The “B” party walk will be led by Doreen Hunter. Distance 7 miles, Ascent 1696 ft.

Starting at the centre of Castleton we walk up around the foot of the hillside crossing Winnats Pass road below the entrace to Speedwell cavern, continuing to Treak Cliff Cavern. Above the cavern entrance the path continues climbing up and around the hillside to the Blue John Cavern.

Although uphill, plenty of stops will be made for drinks, to take photographs, admire the scenery and any other excuse the leader can find to get her breath back.

From the Blue John Cavern we cross the base of Mam Tor, which is known as the “shivering Mountain” due to the instability of its lower shale area. The climb up Mam Tor is relatively easy up well defined steps and p[athways, ans any effort is amp-ly rewarded by magnificent views in every direction, including the Edale and Hope valleys, Kinder, Derwent Moor and Stannage Edge. Once at the top of the ridge it is flat walking and eventually we make our way back to castleton through woodland tracks and field paths.

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