Sandstone Trail

Mavis Whittle has sent in this report of last weeks midweek walk.

Last Thursday I was leading the midweek walk.

We followed the Sandstone trail northwards from Simmonds’s Hill up to the Delamere Way then heading southeast until we met the Sandstone Trail again in Delamere Forest, to loop back on this trail to the start. There were 14 walkers, a good bunch, but when we had a lunch stop at the Shepherd’s houses 12 of my party were “hijacked” by an airline pilot and his wife., offering them tea and cake on comfy chairs in their back garden. This turned out to be Carden Garden, where the lady, Tina, does refreshments for charity. However after warning calls of over-running lunch by thirty minutes 9and Danny Boy on Tina’s keyboard) I managed to collect them all again.

We finished the walk with the planned stop at Stonehouse Farm, on the trail where we again had tea and homemade scones at £1 per item.

We walked 7.5 miles in really good weather and the folks said they enjoyed it.

Eddy Andrews has supplied me with some photos.


Sounds like my kind of walk, homemade scones.


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