Keith Tattersall has sent me an email regarding an incident that occured on the B party walk.

We were on the Cumbria way at a point where it passes through a farmyard having come out of a series of fields. The gate to the yard was open but as I and the leading members of the group were about 10 feet from the gate and without any warning a herd of cows came rushing out. Fortunately they did not touch anyone more by luck than anything else. If we had been only a matter of fifteen feet further we would have been in a narrower passage and some people in the group would have inevitably been seriously injured. The farmer who was at the back of the herd simply said ” I didn’t realise there were so many of you. Once you start them going you can’t stop them”.

Just thought I should mention this to point out that people on the walks should keep their wits about them at all times and not simply assume they are in no danger if they are on a designated right of way.


Thanks Keith, Good advice.    Alan

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