Haworth, B party

Leader : Alan Humphries.                                                 Distance – 9 miles

We leave Howarth on a cobbled trail passing the Parsonage Museum to cross fields leading to Penstone Hill. We then pick up the Bronte Way which we follow for the next couple of miles. We cross Bronte Bridge and begin the steady climb up to Top Withins where we will pause for lunch. We then head south along the Pennine Way to Withins Heights. We are now on the watershed and we turn left to follow a faint path across the moor. It may get a little damp as we head for a boundary stone on Oxenhope Stoop Hill. Here we turn left to cross Haworth Moor before dropping down to Leeshaw Reservoir. A good path then leads us back over Penstone Hill into Haworth with plenty of time to explore the town and get a drink.

Alan writes : 16 people accompanied me on the B party walk. It was overcast as we set off but a band of rain was travelling up and expected to reach us by 3.00pm. As usual the weather forecast was wrong and it started to rain at 12.30pm. We had just reached Top Withins and sheltered in the ruins as we ate our lunch. Back on the moor it was definitely “bleak”. The going was officially “soft” as we tried to prevent the water getting into our boots on the boggy sections. We maintained a brisk pace and were back in Howarth just after 3.00pm. It was not a day for hanging around and most of us were glad to be back and to find somewhere dry to enjoy a drink.

Probably the fasters B party walk – ever.

Unusually I did not take many photos so I am grateful to Jean Miller for sending me these images

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