Haworth, reccee for the ‘B’ party walk.

We started from in front of the church and joined a cobbled road that led us past Parsonage Museum onto an enclosed path. After crossing a couple of fields and a short stretch of road walking we turned left by the cemetery to walk over Penistone Hill. We now joined the Bronte Way which we followed past the clapper-style Bronte Bridge and up to Top Withins. The signposts were all written in Japanese as well as English although we never saw any Japanese on the walk. I don’t think they are allowed to wander more that 200 yards from their coach. It is a long steady climb up to Top Withins but it is a good path and Top Withins is a good place to stop for lunch.

The farmhouse at Top Withins has long been associated with “Wuthering Heights” the home of the Earnshaw family in Emily Bronte’s novel.

We now headed south along the stone-flagged Pennine Way. At the flat summit GR980348 we turned left to pick up a very faint track which leads to a boundary stone. We now headed east following occasional wooded posts and heading for another boundary stone on Oxenhope Stoop Hill GR995346. We were walking across the watershed and there were one or two moist moments as we skirted the boggy bits. From this second boundary stone we turned left to descend to the edge of Leeshaw reservoir and the clear track back to Haworth.

At 9 miles this is a fairly long ‘B’ party walk but it is varied and has many literary connections.

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