Sunday 10th April 2011.

Today the club visited Coniston. As usual there were 3 walks, here are the walk descriptions.

‘A’ Party.        Leader – Mike Duffy.     10 miles.

The Old Man of Coniston (2633 ft)

We leave Coniston over the bridge up past the Sun Inn. Continue to climb up the path to Miners Bridge, we keep up past Crowberry Haws. The climb becomes more strenuous, on steps all the way up to The Old Man. Lunch, you have earned it, and stunning views if it is a fine day. Next is Dow Crag, easy peasy compared to what you have just done!. Great views down to Goats Water and Blind Tarn. We go down to Brown Pike and then it is only three miles to go along the Old Walna Scar road back to Coniston and  well-earned drink.       PS. you may have full use of your legs by Thursday, and, you have done two Wainwrights.

The ‘B’ Party was led by Barbara McMorran. 8 miles, 1100 ft of ascent.

Woodland,dashing becks and tranquil lakes set against a backdrop of craggy knolls and distant high mountains. So reads the download for todays walk. We walk through Yewdale, roughly following the main road, passing White Gill waterfall to Hope Close Road. we then pass High Yewdale farm, go through Harry Guards Wood and north to Oxen High fell. we cross the main road then turn south onto a lane passing High Arnside farm which we can visit, and with views of the Coniston fells. This takes us to Tarn Hows at which we turn left around the lakes to a car park, then follows a track and gill to take the Hawkshead Road and back to Coniston and tea. If it is a nice day with good views we could make a diversion to Tom Heights for spectacular views of the fells.

The ‘C’ party was led by Phill Spratt, 7.5 miles.

The walk starts by going along the old railway line in the direction of Torver and following the shore of the lake. Before reaching Torver we go right and gradually ascend  a track that will lead us to a beautiful quarry lake and waterfall before bringing us out onto the Walna Scar road. We follow this down to a point where we meet the road going down to Coniston and anyone who feels they have had enough can follow the road back to Coniston. The rest of the party will go left and come back to Coniston along the valley.

It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and just a gentle breeze, perfect for walking.

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