Hayfield. ‘A’ Party walk

Aimee Jones has sent the following report and images from last weeks walk at Hayfield.

We started the walk with a gentle incline through the small town at Hayfield, making our way to the highest point (1968 ft.) On our way we passed through some beautiful open fields. As we did so the incline slowly became steeper. Eventually we arrived at Snake Path, this started off as an average sized walkway which gradually became narrower as we went along, causing us to walk in single file. Along the path we saw some amazing sights down below us, large calm lakes reflecting the white clouds making the lake look frozen. The steep climb continued for quite a while passing small waterfalls and greenlands along the way, and although the climb was tiring it sure was worth it in the end.

When we arrived at the point we were greeted with an amazing sight of the Kinder Downfall. This is a waterfall that is famous for flowing upwards, but to our amazement the waterfall was frozen solid, along with many of the smaller waterfalls to. After spending some time admiring the views from above it was time to make our way back down to Hayfield.This was a steep descent through many open fields of sheep. This was a vey calming walk back to our starting point and every single one of us thoroughly enjoyed it.The weather was quite nippy at times but perfect for walking in. We are all looking forward to our next walk in Wales.

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One Response to Hayfield. ‘A’ Party walk

  1. robert jones says:

    aimee some great pics well done

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