Ainsdale to Birkdale.

Midweek walk. 9th December 2010.

The walk was led by Hilary Barton and we met up at  Ainsdale station. We started walking south on a track alongside the railway towards the coast road, crossed under it and took the Sefton Coastal path towards Formby until we turned right into the pinewoods and started heading north. It had been a very frosty night and the trees were covered with hoar frost and looked magical. We passed a lovely conifer tree and many of us had brought baubles to hang on it which looked rather meagre but maybe other walkers will do the same and dress up the tree. We had lunch at the picnic site outside Pontins and then carried on to reach Royal Birkdale Golf Club and on to Hillside railway station to catch the train back to Birkdale where Hilary and David opened bottles of Champagne in celebration of their Golden Wedding last year. A toast was drunk followed by some eats.

A lovely time was enjoyed by all.

Many thanks to Marie Shellard for these photos and the walk description.

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One Response to Ainsdale to Birkdale.

  1. Betty Jones says:

    Thanks Marie for taking the photos and Alan for putting them onto the website. We were so lucky with the weather on the walk because the frost had hardened the sand which made it easier for walking. The scenery was magnificent, just like a winter wonderland. I certainly enjoyed the whole day and the icing on the cake was being invited back to Hilary and David’s flat for eats after the walk. A wonderful finish to the day. Thanks Hilary and David.

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