As part of the Whitby weekend we visited Goathland on the Sunday.

Many thanks to Graham and Keith who have sent me their walk descriptions.

A Party Walk. Sunday 31st October 2010. leader : Graham Bevan.

Distance 9 miles, Ascent 600 ft

The coach departs for Goathland at 9.30am. We start by visiting Mallyan Spout waterfall. We retrace our steps and then climb steadily up moorland to the trig point. We descend to cross stepping stones to join the Roman Road. We make our way back past Jullian Park to reach Beck Hole and climb the Rail Trail to the village.


B Party Walk: Leader Keith Tattersall.

This was a circular walk from Goathland but with an optional extension to Mallyan Spout making 7.5 miles which most of the group did. There were opportunities to shorten the walk to three miles (which nobody did) or 4 miles (which some did) and some just did the 6 but most of the group did the 7.5 miles.

We were never far from the North York Moors Railway on this walk and we saw 6 trains during the course of the ramble including an almost arial view of Goathland Station when two trains were passing through.

The weather was good but not as warm as Saturday and it started to rain just as we finished the walk.


Alan writes.

I did the A party walk starting from Goathland which is in the midst og “Heartbeat” country. It is known to millions of viewers as Aidensfield, the fictional village of the TV series. We passed the village stores and Post Office complete with the Ford Anglia police car parked outside. We then visited Mallyan Spout waterfall before retracing our steps and heading uponto the moor. It was drab and featureless as Graham used map and compass to navigate to the trig point. The second half of the walk had more interest as we passed through woodland with the autumn colours on route to Beck Hole. We followed the rail trail back to the village where some of the group went to the station to see the steam trains pass by.

We had plenty of time to enjoy a pint at the Goathland Hotel, better known as the Aidensfield Arms. The  pub sold Hobgoblin Beer, a strong dark ale brewed by Wychwood Brewery. 4.5% vol. – excellent.

With the clocks going back it was dark by the time we got back to Whitby. Several of us had an early evening meal and at 8.00 pm joined the Ghost Trail, wandering through the maze of alleys in Whitby listening to local ghost stories.

As was now our regular routine we ended the night at the Jolly Sailor enjoying the popular Sam Smiths’ Sovereign Ale. 5.00% vol and only £1.52 a pint . What a bargain.


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