Church Stretton

The next Sunday walk will be to Church Stretton.
The leaders will be
A. Martin Murphy
B. Alan Humphries
C. Hilary Turner
Alan writes :-
I will be leading the B party on an 8 mile walk along the ridge of the Long Mynd, the prominent whale-backed hill that rises above the western side of the Onny Valley.
The walk involves a sready climb of almost 1000 ft which we will take slowly.
We start from Church Stretton and walk along the popular Carding Mill Valley before beginning the climb up to the ridge on the Long Mynd. We then head south to follow the Shropshire Way along the ridge to Pole Bank . At 1693 ft this is the highest point on the ridge and is marked by a trig point and a toposcope. On a clear day there are wide ranging views over the Shropshire Hills and the Welsh Borders.
We descend along a green track with good views over Ashes Hollow one of the deep valleys, known locally as "Flashes" that are cut into the eastern slope of the Long Mynd. It is easy walking all the way down to the beautiful village of Little Stretton, but then comes the "sting in the tail" a short but steep climb up to a woodland trail that takes us back to our transport.
It is a fairly strenuous B walk but we should have plenty of time to visit some of the many tea shops or pubs in Church Stretton.
Don’t forget to bring your cameras.
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