6th June 2010.
Today the club visited Hathersage where the "A" walk was led by David Lewis.
We left the village and headed north towards the Elizabethan North Lees Hall, set on the hillside above the village. The hall features in Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre, written after the novelist had visited Hathersage in 1845.
We then climbed up the hillside beneath High Neb passing many discarded millstones. It was the availability of millstone grit for grindstones that helped to establish Sheffield as a centre of the steel industry.
We walked along the edge to the trig point at High Neb 458 metres. Despite the overcast conditions the views were good and we could see Win and Lose Hills with Kinder and Bleaklow in the distance.
Dropping back down to the road at Upper Burbage Bridge we then climbed up Burbage Rocks with a bit of mild scrambling at the top. We returned via Hthersage Moor, pausing at the church to see Little John’s Grave, one of the mant associations in the area to Robin Hood and his Merry Men.
10 miles.
We were back by 4.30pm with time to enjoy a pint of the rather hoppy local brew.
Doreen Hunter led the B party on a similar but slightly shorter route travelling in the opposite direction.
Here is her report.
The "B" party enjoyed a very strenuous walk on Sunday. Although the weather was not very promising at the start everybody soon started stripping as the rain went off and the temperature rose.
The first climb was up Stanage edge where we stopped for lunch. From there we made our way to Brimage Rocks and took the upper path which is reminiscent of a mini Stanage Edge, with fantastic views down over the moor and looking down from our superior possition on to the "A" party who had taken the lower path!
The rest of the walk was undulating to say the least, until our return, weary but triumphant,to Hathersage, to enjoy the obligatory reward of tea and cakes.
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