Bolton Abbey

Martin Murphy will be leading the "A" walk at Bolton Abbey on the 7th march.
He has sent me his walk description.
"A" Walk: Bolton Abbey.
Approx 11 miles : 5 – 6 hours.
This is a challenging walk, with a particularly stiff climb from the river valley up to Simon’s Seat, but there are great views from the top of the fells and a wonderful view of Bolton Abbey on the return to the coach park.
The walk starts from the car park near the Abbey (more properly described as a Priory), where we walk through the arches before heading off in a north westerley direction towards the fells. We climb up through a small forest and then traverse the fells on a good footpath until we pass Middle Hare Head with good views of Lower Barden reservoir. At the stone wall we swing north and drop down to the river valley, through paths that may be muddy in places.
We then pick up the Dales Way (which started in Ilkley and ends 80 miles later in Bowness) where we follow the beautiful River Wharfe upstream for a couple of miles, passing the remains of Barden Tower, an old hunting lodge, and hopefully have lunch by the river bank.
We then start the hardest part of the walk, a very steep climb up from the valley bottom, through the forest and out onto the fells. This is a real lung stretcher but the paths are very good. Out on the fells we turn northeast where we continue climbing up towards Simon’s Seat (485m)
The hardest part of the walk is now over and we return, due south, with a long pleasant descent through the grouse moors, passing through the Valley of Desolation and returning eventually to the banks of the River Wharfe. We then follow the river downstream, pausing hopefully for refreshments at the Cavendish Pavilion, before returning to the car park via the east bank of the river which gives us spectacular views of the Priory as we return.
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