Sunday 24th January.
The A Party walk was led by Les Thompson who took us on a 8 mile circular route over Loughrigg Fell. The snow had all melted on these modest heights but remained on the higher fells.
A fuller description of the route can be found in my notes from the recee.
Les did an add-on, taking us over the stepping stones, a bit of excitement at the end of the day!
Some of my images from the walk can be found in the photo album > Members Gallery – Ambleside.
If any other members who were on this walk would like some of their images added to the album, please send them to me via e-mail at
Images on the site need to be only at a low resolution. I resize to 800px by 600px giving a file size of approx 150kb
Images sent to me by e-mail should ideally be no more than 500kb although I can cope with larger file sizes, it just slows things down.
If you are unsure of how to resize or e-mail images, let me know and I will send you instructions.
Remember, it is a club website and needs to feature material other than just mine.
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