Christmas walk. ‘A’ Party

David has sent me a route description for his walk.
‘ A ‘ walk. Sunday 13th December 2009.
Hurst Green to Bashall Eaves via Longridge Fell.
Distance 10.0 miles.
Highest point: 350m (1150 ft)
Cumulative height climbed: 250m
Time taken: approx 6 hours
Leader: David Lewis.
This is a linear walk that starts from the village of Hurst Green and finishes at ‘The Red Pump’ in Bashall Eaves where we will be having our Christmas dinner.
The recce for this walk was carried out a week last Friday when the lower ground was exceptionally wet. There has been some dryer weather since, but gaiters are still strongly recommended for the lower, second half of the walk.
We start off on good dry tracks that avoid the fields and head northwards towards Longridge Fell. On reaching the foot of the fell we climb through the forest until we reach the top of the ridge. EWventually the forest opens out and there should be good viewsbof the Trough of Bowland across the valley.
We descend the northern side of the fell to reach the farmlands below, finding that many of the fields we traverse have no distinctive path. We cross the River Hodder at Doeford Bridgeand head eastwards, occasionally encountering the river again. There are a couple of picturesque dells where we ford a stream and scramble up the opposite bank.
Finally a few more fields and we reach The Red Pump, which will be open, and will serve teas as well as Black Sheepnand Witches Cauldron ales.
( does anyone have any images from this walk.?. Would you like to have them included on the website? If so contact Alan)
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